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We are on a mission to create a platform maker composed of open source applications so anyone could build his/her own platform by selecting the applications s/he wants in his/her platform. Aspects of the project include:

- A lego…

Draft Whole


CoActivate (originally OpenPlans) is a groupware platform for community groups and activist organizations that need a blog, wikis, mailing lists, or task tracking, all under a single set of username and password credentials. The…

Danyl Strype


Cobudget is a software tool that makes it easy for organizations and groups to allocate funds collaboratively and transparently.

The idea is simple: group members receive funds in their cobudget account. They can propose…


Community Exchange general purpose app

One mobile app which will work for many different community exchange platforms.

Design a REST API for general purpose community exchange function, to build an app…

Community Forge

Credit commons community currency map

An attempt to get the community currencies on a dynamic map by taking feeds from the main community currency platforms.

Some platforms have published csv files, and…

Community Forge

Digital Life Collective

The Digital Life Collective researches, develops, funds and supports Tech We Trust, technologies that prioritize our autonomy, privacy and dignity.

Laura James

A global network of volunteers using 3D-printing technologies to create opensource prosthetics and assistive technologies for underserved populations.


Jon Schull

A website that serves as a curated guide, helping new users navigate the world of federated social networks, informally known as "the fediverse". The front page aims to feature the most user-friendly federated apps,…

Danyl Strype

Good for Nothing

We are a growing community of thinkers, do-ers, dreamers, makers and tinkerers, finding time to gift our ideas, skills and energy to help accelerate the impact of social innovators, change makers and epic projects of…



Hylo is developing a community building platform and will soon release iPhone and Android apps to make accessing communities more accessible to more people. At the moment Hylo hosts a range of separate communities, see for example the…


Internet of Ownership

The Internet of Ownership is a resource for the emerging online democratic economy. Its purpose is to advance platform cooperativism - a vision for online platforms that share democratic ownership and…

Internet of Ownership


Loomio is open source software for small scale digital democracy. There are people all over the world, in groups of 3-300, using it to deliberate and make decisions to organise themselves. Co-ops write their constitution, companies…



Untangle complex conversations, expand perspectives, and gain insights about the things that matter to you.
Metamaps enables individual and collaborative sensemaking through concept mapping, live video + text chat, and a…

Ishan Shapiro

Mutual Aid Platform

The software we have adopted as our Mutual Aid Platform was dreamed by Sybille Saint Girons, built by Valeureux in France as software called Wezer, in Odoo 8. It manages a marketplace, mutual credit exchange,…

Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs)

P2P Foundation

The P2P Foundation is a pluralist network, actively documenting, researching, and promoting peer to peer alternatives.

The following broad “streams” have been identified in order to best…

P2P Foundation

P2P Models

P2P Models is a large research project to build Blockchain-powered organizations which are decentralized, democratic and distribute their profits, in…

P2P Models


PLANET is not actually a software project, it is a vision of an open source operating system, which aims to illustrate some of the concepts and advantages of a collaborative, user owned and managed economic platform…

The Open Co-op


A geolocated index of offers and wants posted to various platforms. The ads are stored anonymously, and contact request are routed back through their platform

The platforms report their members' ads and can interrogate the…

Community Forge

Space Cooperative

Space Cooperative will leverage recent developments in blockchain technology to create a global, distributed, peer-to-peer open value network and decentralized space program. With Space Cooperative, worthy missions…

Space Cooperative


Startin'blox is an open-source framework called to easily develop interoparable platforms.

Feel free to ask questions : or +336 5171…

Happy Dev


Value Flows is a set of common vocabularies to describe flows of economic resources of all kinds within distributed economic ecosystems.

Purpose: to enable internetworking among many different software projects for resource…

Mikorizal Software


The most comprehensive and integrated Free / Libre / Open Source enterprise software suite ever developed

WikiSuite is especially suited to knowledge-centric organizations and offers most (80%+) of the data and information…

Marc Laporte