PLANET is not actually a software project, it is a vision of an open source operating system, which aims to illustrate some of the concepts and advantages of a collaborative, user owned and managed economic platform.

The original PLANET concept was designed in 2004 for the same purpose and was updated in January 2017. The 2017 PLANET concept is presented as a phone-based 'open source operating system', simply because people are used to using new technology on their phones. A stripped down, or beta, version of PLANET could be produced as an app - and if you're struggling to understand the purpose of PLANET, you could simply imagine it as a new app on your phone, which contains other apps - a bit like the App Store, or iTunes except that with PLANET there's:

  • No adverts
  • No external investors siphoning off value or exploiting your data
  • No need to type in all your details to sign up to new services
  • No need to create new passwords for each different app or service
  • No spam or inappropriate marketing – unless you sign up for it!

The purpose of the PLANET concept is to illustrate, through a Graphical User Interface, what it might be like to interact with a new economic system which has been built collaboratively as an open source project. PLANET would be owned and controlled by its members, giving them complete control over how it is run, developed and updated via proposals, and votes on other members' proposals.

PLANET incorporates concepts such as:

  • Personal data licenses - which enable you to license your data to service providers on your terms
  • Portable reputation - so when you sign up to a new service or app you don’t have to build a new Reputation from scratch
  • Alternative currencies - so you can trade with other members and co-ops using Hours, like in a time-bank, or using Co-op Coins
  • Group management - with embeded discussion tools, calendars, task management, decision making and budgeting tools, so groups can easily evolve into collaborative projects and even trading businesses, without requiring 'incorporation'
  • Local relevance - members publish posts using @mentions, #tags and local relevance to create rich data which can be highly filtered to help build valuable communities in the real, offline world
  • Delegative voting - members can debate and vote on any issue which affects them, or delegate their vote to someone they trust. As a multi-stakeholder co-op PLANET’s individual users, Local Co-ops (groups & businesses) and Coordinators (who manage PLANET) have a fair say in how the operating system works

These are just some of the ideas we believe would help create a collaborative, sustainable economy.

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