P2P Models

P2P Models is a large research project to build Blockchain-powered organizations which are decentralized, democratic and distribute their profits, in order to boost a new type of Collaborative Economy. The project has three legs:

  1. Infrastructure: Provide a software framework to build decentralized infrastructure for Collaborative Economy organizations that do not depend on central authorities.
  2. Governance: Enable democratic-by-design models of governance for communities, whose rules are, at least partially, encoded in the software to ensure higher levels of equality.
  3. Economy: Enable value distribution models which are interoperable across organizations, improving the economic sustainability of both contributors and organizations.

It is a EU-funded 1.5M€ 5-year initiative, led by Samer Hassan and based in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), with advisors from the Berkman Klein Center (Harvard University). The project will contribute to the Blockchain ecosystem, from a commons-oriented approach (not focused on finance). It will build software modules, grounded on social theory, for the easy building of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations that aim to support collaborative communities.

Project status
API available