Members of the CTA agree to the following principles and values:

  1. Collaborative software technology and social processes associated with it have the ability to radically transform the way that we live, work, and create together.
  2. We believe an aligned ecosystem of individuals, processes, and tools can stabilize and rejuvenate the commons, and more efficiently distribute resources to the parts of the network that need them most, rather than concentrating the resources in the hands of a few.
  3. We believe if we make our collaboration intentional, we can create this aligned ecosystem of collaborative tools and collaborative practices.
  4. We want to create an ecosystem of interoperable software tools to that helps people do more together. Our members build software to empower self-organizing grassroots projects to grow into vibrant, commons-based, peer-to-peer communities.
  5. We recognize that a diversity of tools and interfaces are needed based on a community or network’s context.
  6. We recognize that code quality, security, API design, standard protocols, vocabularies and modularity are essential to collaborating on an ecosystem level.
  7. We commit to working towards using best practices within design, development, and documentation of our technologies.
  8. We recognize interoperability and data portability to be key functions of all technologies that we build, and vital to the development of healthy and open communities.
  9. We believe in providing control over ownership and use of personal data in the hands of users of our platforms / protocols, as well as following best practices in terms of security.
  10. We commit to openness of source code, content and data through open or reciprocity-based licensing.